Whether it’s unconscious bias leading to a lack of women in leadership positions in Silicon Valley, or fears projected onto the natural world contributing to environmental destruction, we all have work to do in order to heal our communities and protect the planet.

Being Human

At Emergent Law we’re working to understand what it means to be human and the implications of the question(s) on the economy and on the environment. Workplaces, campaigns, and movements are all driven by very human elements. Each of us has a shadow side that needs to be acknowledged and integrated in order for it not to have a dysfunctional impact on our lives in ways seen and unseen.


We draw upon Jungian psychology, post-modern philosophy, mythology, and a variety of other discourses in order to articulate these dynamics, uncover “the real beneath the apparent,” and help drive the discussion forward.

This awareness is both a topic of our work in itself, typically through content we create (check out our blog for more), as well as a thread we weave through our other work, whether it’s advising a startup on creating an inclusive environment or informing the environmental activism we do.